Dry Lining
This service is about dry plasterboards installation. It doesn’t require any water, and it’s fast in application. If you dream about a smooth, beautiful walls, dry lining may be just a thing for you! What else can we do for you?

If you are looking for a professional and affordable plastering services – South London Plasterers is at your service seven days a week. We are experts in all sorts of plastering techniques: classical plastering, rendering, dry lining and skimming!

This variation of plastering is known for its’ special, unique, sharp texture. The rendering mass is a mixture of cement and sand. Rendering is commonly used on exterior walls, but there are no limits for South London Plasterers!

Damp proofing
The ground waters may soak into the wall, making it weaker, more prone to all sorts of damage. Damp proofing is a simple way to avoid this common problem. Our employees will drill the wall and apply damp proofing materials!

Cornice & Coving
Turn your home into a palace with South London Plasterers. We’re experts in cornice and coving installation, and we’re happy to work for both commercial and residential customers. Georgian or Victorian coving at affordable prices!

Make your walls perfectly smooth with our skimming service. Skimming is all about smoothness, so if you value a perfection – this may be just a thing for you! We’ve been doing this for years, so stick with the professionals!

Screeding is just like plastering, but for floors. We’re making sure to make your floors hard as a rock, and perfectly smooth. Screeding at affordable prices? It’s easy with South London Plasterers! We’re waiting to hear from you!