Venetian Plaster

For a smooth, layered walls, with a rich, textured appearance – we recommend our Venetian Plaster service. With a use of quality products, we can guarantee a deep, marble-like look. Venetian Plaster can be polished for a smooth, or left open – more textured and sharp for prestige and beauty. We pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of shades and finishes – pitted and distressed or honed concrete. Turn your office into a beautiful palace with South London Plasterers!

Stick with the professionals. Our team constantly comes up with new concrete ranges of beautiful finishes, combining plaster, wax and marble dust for the best, beautiful effects. Do not hesitate – over the years we’ve worked with many popular designers and architects in the city. Banding and stencil work is a walk in a park for our excellent employees!

South London Plasterers – for more information about our Italian and Venetian plastering, get in touch with our consultants. We’re waiting to hear from you 7 days a week!