Dry Lining

What is dry lining? It’s a technique of covering the surface with a plaster substitute. Our expert fits the plasterboards to any surface in a line of a hard plaster. How is it different from a normal plastering? Unlike traditional plastering, this technique doesn’t require any amount of water. The wall made of mansory, brick or blocks simply doesn’t look good enough. If you want a smooth, nice wall, plastering and dry lining is a perfect solution.

Here at South London Plasterers we use only quality plasterboards, produced by leading manufacturers in the United Kingdom. Though plasterboards are available in many different sizes and thicknesses, for the best performance we are always equipped with a professional tools, to cut and install plasterboards. We give you a warranty of our dry lining service – you can rest assured, that effects of our work will last for many years, and your home will look beautiful as never before! Do not hesitate! Call us at 0207 101 4466 or fill the internet form!