Damp proofing

Our company specializes in damp proofing application, and we are happy to work for both commercial and residential customers in London, Greenwich, Dulwich and Clapham. Damp proofing is a moisture control material, applied to walls and floors in order to prevent moisture from passing into the interior space of your apartment. It may sound mysterious, but it’s all about protecting interior spaces of your house. Damp problems may cause a lot of damage, so it’s good to avoid them at any cost. Don’t worry – damp proofing with South London Plasterers is really affordable!

How does it work? Our experienced and skilled employees drill into brick to apply a damp proofing moisture. Any moisture is being kept out of building thanks to vapor barriers that keep interior moisture from getting into the walls. We use only quality damp proofing materials, to make sure that walls of your house are safe from water for the decades to come.

Remember – South London Plasterers are experts in all plastering services. We are open to your specific needs, so feel free to call our consultants.